How To Get 999 Rare Candies And Master Balls On Pokemon Colosseum Without Action Replay?


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Unfortunately it is impossible (unless you hack the game) to obtain 999 rare candies and master balls in Pokemon Colosseum unlike you can in the Pokemon Adventures series of the game.

However it is possible to obtain 150 rare candies on Pokemon Colosseum. To do this follow these steps:

  • Upon defeating Cipher Admin Venus at her broadcast centre (which is located in the Under) go to the room nearest the entrance and open the box to obtain three rare candies.
  • Then give any of these three candies to your Pokemon. Give three Pokemon one rare candy each to hold.
  • Then go to the nearest PC in the game and save.
  • Deposit the three Pokemon you have given the rare candy to and move the Pokemon to separate boxes.
  • Save the game again.
  • Upon saving the game turn off your gamecube console and then turn it back on about two seconds later.
  • Then load your latest saved game and enter the PC.
  • When you are inside the PC you will see three boxes that contain items.
  • Withdraw the three Pokemon inside the boxes and take back their items.
  • Each Pokemon should now hold fifty rare candies each, giving you a total of 150 rare candies to use!

Pokemon Colosseum 999 rare candy and master balls.

Unfortunately there is not a similar method of doing this with master balls, or any action replay codes to get 999 rare candies or master balls in this game!

Pokemon Colosseum is a stadium-style batting game using Pokemon from the Pokemon Adventure series to fight against opponents in a battle environment. The game also features a form of RPG which allows players to catch Pokemon from the second and third generations to train and use in a stadium.

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