I was a big Nintendo Gameboy addict growing up, and was hooked to a number of retro games. Are there any Gameboy fans on Blurtit, and what were your favorite games?


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Yes, I loved my classic Gameboy. I took it everywhere with me. I never got into the blue or colour screen or any of the Gameboy's that followed. It was all about this classic one for me.

Games wise, it was down to 3 games for me:

1) Battle City.

2) Super Mario

3) Tetris

I never really played any other games, just because I loved these 3 games so darn much! Besides, I had more games on my SNES, which I used much more ;)

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Yo Kass
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Ahhh I wish I had a SNES right now after reading that. Some amazing games like Super Mario Bros - but some questionable ones too like "Duck Hunt" (which reminds me of this bad boy: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y285/BornToPlay/nintendo-snes-scope.jpg)
Emily Vilfroy
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i was. i still have pocket gameboys. my favorite game was super chinese land
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Dan Banks , Aspiring Pokemon trainer., answered

I was never that into the classic Gameboy games (I was much more of a megadrive/playstation kid), but I did have a Gameboy color and the one game I was completely obsessed with was Pokemon Blue.

Pokemon Blue

I was already into Pokemon by this point, by the game really made it addictive! It was one of the best adventure games out on the Gameboy and this is because it was set in such a large world. There was almost an endless possibilities in the game, and it allowed you to feel like a real Pokemon trainer!

The only bad points about the game was the rather annoying soundtrack and the sheer amount of walking you had to do! However, these were only slight blemishes on what was a truly ground-breaking and addictive game! Sadly I lost my copy of Pokemon Blue when my family moved house. I've never been the same since!

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Yes, I have every Gameboy minus the Gameboy Light. Tetris is a classic.

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