What are the advantages of computer networking?


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The main advantage of computer network is that it's providing file sharing and remote file access. A person sits one place and other person sits another place then they can share their file. Computer networking provides resource sharing. For example: if you have a company and 20 persons are working over there. Every person has a computer, on that condition you require 20 modem and printer but you can use computer networking. Computer networking provides resource sharing on that condition you can use one modem and printer.

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The main advantage of computer networking is access the other system or machine through network. Through network connection we are easily connect to each other. We are sharing or receiving the data from one to another. It helps us very easily.

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Hi there,

There are various advantages of computer network, such as connectivity, sharing data and performance. I've listed more information about each one's benefits below:


Computer networking enables users to connect computers easily and individuals working within a group can stay connected to communicate with each other using various utilities such as email or messaging. This can help to keep each other informed especially within a big organisation.

Sharing Data

One of the most popular advantages of computer networking is the ability to share data easily.  Thousands of people in an organisation can easily share files to one another or access databases at a click of a button.

Internet Access

Computer networking enables quick internet access enabling users to share connections more easily. This allows users to work quickly and at the same time in one organisation or business.


The overall performance of applications can be enhanced through computer networking with the distribution of tasks which can be easily sent through networking with the use of the internet.

Data Management

Computer networking can enable better data management systems where a large network can be managed with data spread over hundreds of computers if required.

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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