What Are The Advantages Of Computer Viruses?


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Although computer viruses are a source of great frustration to many people - it is possible to argue that they serve some useful purposes to certain people.

The usefulness of a computer virus From the host's point of view, computer viruses are nothing but annoying programs capable of doing some serious damage to a computer network.

However, there's a good reason why people spend so much of their time developing these rather complicated and very malicious programs:

  • A virus can be a way for a hacker or programmer to show off his ability. Some firms even hire ex-hackers to create virus protection and other types of software.
  • A computer virus can be used to steal people's personal information. Although illegal, this can be very useful and profitable for those stealing and then selling on or using the information gained in this way.
  • A virus is able to take control of a person's computer.
  • Online advertising is often targeted by hackers, who make money from virus-related scams (for example 'click jacking')
  • Computer viruses are considered an important part of technological warfare. For example, Iran has accused several countries of targeting (and successfully shutting down) their illegal nuclear facilities, using computer viruses.
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I think there have no advantages of viruses. Viruses can
cause many problems on your computer. Generally, they display pop-up ads on
your desktop or steal your information. Some of the nastier ones can even crash
your computer or delete your files. They are the reason of many problems in
your PC. And at least you have to go for virus removal services or PC
support service to fix your problems on your computer.

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Viruses in the future could be used for a more peaceful form of war. Messing up the enemies systems could do some serious damage!

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Computer viruses have no advantages except to the creator (though it is not recommended that you make one).

The creator can make it do anything, such as getting personal information, or taking control of a person's machine. However, if the creator is tracked, there are serious consequences.

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