My Computer Is Full Of Viruses. How Can I Get Rid From Them?


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You need to install your trustworthy anti virus's updated edition for
that, Symantec Antivirus, AVG, McAfee Or Norton are usually preferred by me but you can use what you like most , but If all that fails then Do take your computer to a good workshop for some help to avoid Formatting (Formatting is the last step for help in removing all the viruses of your computer).
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If your computer is Infected by virus then you can first try to download and install AntiSpyware and SmithFraudFix and then restart your computer in safe - Mode.

After Starting in Safe Mode try to run first SmithFraud Fiz and then Run AntiSpyware FULL Computer Scan.

And Also after that if no any action taken by this try to install AVG 8 Free Edition.

try the Best.
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First of all, you need to install a good Anti-virus and then scan your computer and remove viruses. One of the best anti-viruses is AVG. You can download its latest free edition from here


Other than that you should install Adware which looks for data mining, advertising and tracking components in your hard disk, RAM and registries and helps you remove them. You can download it free from here:

In addition,  you can install Spybot which is very good for removing spyware from your computer. This is a more strong software than Adware and catches any spyware etc left out by Adware. Here's the link:

For guaranteed safety, you should update them frequently and in order to save your computer from any other viruses etc you should install a firewall and keep it on all the time . You should also run scans on the above softwares to keep the computer free of viruses and other malware.
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Depending how bad the situation is , sometimes you wont be able to delete all the viruses and antivirus wont handle it. So the last thing that remains to do is format. Also from now on in order to save at least some files you should backup your data regularly , a free software that you can use is , and you will be able to store the backup online on their servers.

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