How Can Protect Machine From Computer Viruses . Explain The Removal Of Virus From Infected Machine.?


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First, we should must install a good anti virus software like Mcafee, Norton, Avast etc. We should also keep anti virus software updated by downloading new security patches. It anti virus provides their update packages freely.

Second, We should keep windows update regularly. We can update new feature of windows through the Microsoft website. Windows have lot of security feature inbuilt and It can be easily exploited by worms and viruses.

Third, When we scan our computer then we make sure that anti virus programs scan whole computer and data.

Fourth, USB pen drive or flash drive, Internet, floppy is the source of virus. Therefore we should care about it. We should scan always that drive before accessing any files on them. If computer is infected with a virus you will need to remove the virus as soon as possible other wise it can infect the system completely and spread to others. Internet surfing can most likely to infect a computer with virus and spyware or trojan.

Fifth, We should never open any attachments from sources that are unknown or suspicious. Many spyware or viruses are downloaded when downloading software and music. Therefore we need to careful about like that.

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