What Are The Disadvantages Of Computer Viruses?


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A computer virus is a type of malware infection that can harm your computer - by altering or destroying parts of your software system, or even by causing your hard drive to destroy itself.

A virus is composed of one or more dangerous files, which can form part of a downloaded package or can even masquerade as a genuine program.

Computers are easily infected without their users realising that it has happened. This is why it is so important to install anti-virus software, which actively monitors for suspicious files.

Computer viruses have a variety of disadvantages, some of which are discussed below:

Loss of Software Functionality
When a virus infects your computer, it is highly likely it will alter your system so that you will no longer be unable to access certain functionality. It is quite possible that you will no longer be able to install anti-virus software, even if you already have it installed.

It is likely that the virus will prevent any program from detecting and removing the infection it has caused. Naturally, the creators of the virus don't want you to be able to get rid of it.

Some computer viruses are created by Internet criminals seeking to make money out of people. The virus is likely to display messages stating there is a problem with the computer, and suggest that this can be fixed by providing a payment to a repair company.

Of course, in reality this 'company' is operated by the criminals and the payment will not rid the software of the virus - or if it does, then this will be because there was never a real problem in the first place.
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There are various disadvantages of viruses such as:-

  • Corrupt files
  • Hack files
  • Generates instability in performance
  • May damage hard ware - Usually Bios, hard disk etc.
  • Deletes important files randomly.

So, in order to get rid from these viruses you must have good antivirus software in your system, you can also take an antivirus protection support from the experts of AskPCExperts.

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can reason of many problems on your computer. Generally, they display
pop-up ads on your desktop or steal your information. Some of the most horrible
ones can even crash your computer or delete your files. Your computer gets
slowed down and some of the applications won't start. So anti-virus
protection plays an important role to secure your computer from viruses. You
can take it via any good local technical support provider nearby to your house
or you can also take it online.

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Viruses could impact your computer, mobile phone or any other device that connect to the internet in the following ways:

1. Slows computer or web browser speeds. Most viruses take up high CPU usage and computer space, like CPU miner.

2. Steals your sensitive information, like the passwords you store in the browsers.

3. Data loss. The damage caused by a successful attack that erases a user’s data can be measured in terms of the value of the erased information to the user. And now ransomware is nothing new, which often starts with someone clicking on what looks like an innocent attachment and the system gets locked until a sum of money is paid to the hacker. Of course, they won't give the data back even though you pay them.

4. Results in hardware failure and frequent freezing or crashing.

5. Other invisible damages. For example, Trojans can hide in the system and secretly do their Trojan thing – and on the face of it everything seems fine, however, it is only a front.

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