What Are The Disadvantages Of Computer And Internet In Our Lif?


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Computers and Internet have become a necessity in our lives. We can not just think of anything that we can do without them. They are useful in our lives in a number of ways. However, they have some disadvantages as well which are as follows:

Spamming: Unwanted emails often obstruct the entire computer system. This is illegal and can be very frustrating for the user.

Personal Information Security: There is no guarantee that your personal information would be safe on the internet. It can even be hacked from the secure networks of a bank.

Threat of Virus: Computers are always at a threat of Viruses if they are connected to the internet. It can disrupt the normal functions of a computer.

Pornography: Pornography is the biggest issue on the internet. It can adversely affect the mental health of individuals especially if the users are children.

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If at one hand internet has reduced the distances in the world, it has made information and communication accessible, then on the other side of picture it has brought about a number of disadvantages.

The very first disadvantage which internet has caused is that it has disrupted our social life. We do not want to spend time with our families but we give more time to this technology. It has lowered the privacy and increased the personal information access like you can be traced by any person over the internet. Moreover, thousands of pornographic sites on the Internet have snatched the innocence of children. And lastly, spamming has created frustration in our lives and after the adoption of this technology we want to get rid of its issues like spamming. 
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It puts a lot of effect on our back and eyes as well.
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....it can make us lazy.and not dependent...
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It is akin to laceless shoes, microwave ovens, calculators, boxed cakes, free homework answers......Computers are also invasive with the nice shots of your home and neighborhood. You are able to go directly to a persons home without missing a beat. Give your true name and the world can know everything about you. This is when we have to be aware and not do anything to others using the internet, that we would not like to have done to our families.

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