What Are The Advantages Of Computer And Internet In Our Life?


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Computers are changing the way we work, play and live. Computers perform a variety of jobs. As more organizations bring computers into the workplace, more people become exposed to what computers can do and acquire more computer skills. AS early as elementary school, children are suing computers to write stories and do match. As a result computers influence the way many people think about and approach problems. With passage of time computer become more powerful and less expensive. As more people computers new technological and advance are introduced. At home computer are responsible for many comforts and convenience. Microwave ovens, using computers and meat probes, turn themselves off when the proper internal temperature of the food is reached. Computerized clothes dryers continuously monitor and moisture level of clothes and shut off when a preset level of dryness attained. In health care computer assist physicians in diagnostic illnesses by relating aid in delicate operations. Computer monitor vital signs, such as heart rate off critically ill patient. Others computer maintain a patients medical history for attending health professionals. Computer technology as generated many new medical techniques. Computers are installed in cars, toys and appliances. Musician's writers, artist, bank teller and teachers use them. Computer can collect meteorological data, transmit it to other computer for processing forecast the weathers. People research, write and edit books with the aid of computers.

Computers help people organize and save their thoughts, thought itself can be stimulated by computers that serve as storehouses of facts and figures. The facts of figures about people, things ideas. Architects have known formulas to measure structural strength for more than hundred years. Computer have taken professionally accepted techniques and improved them. A computer can complete in minutes computations that used to take hours for people to do. People who uses computer can concentrate on solving major problems without warring about all the minor details.

Internet means inter connection of all computers. Internet first introduced by United State of America. First it was used only for the military operations of United State of America, but later it was opened for general public. Now the Internet has great impact in our life. We can share ideas and can send data in just a few seconds. Now a day different institutional organizations are using Internet for delivering the lectures and offering the variety of courses online. Different banks and financial intuitions use Internet for contact with their customer and to keep them updated with organization policies and regulations.
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Computers and the Internet have changed our lives and even our society since they were first introduced. Computers, in rudimentary form, have been around since the abacus, but computers in the modern sense were first developed around the 1940s. The first well-known computer in the United States was ENIAC, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator. ENIAC took up an entire room, generated quite a bit of heat, and did much less work than a standard PC or laptop of today. Still, for its time, it was a huge leap forward.
Computers progressed from punch-card programming to actual written programs with commands built in. Scientists today are working on computers with "artificial intelligence" that can "think" for themselves within defined limits. This development could have huge advantages. Think of a vacuum cleaner that can identify a dusty spot and go back to clean it up, or a dishwasher that identifies when the dishes aren’t quite clean, and runs for another five minutes.
Computers created the "information age", where huge amounts of data could be processed. This has led to many advantages in modern life, including easily balancing your bank statement or brokerage account, using dictionary and encyclopedia programs, even planning and designing a new house is possible on your computer! There is software available for almost any need, and if you have a notebook or laptop computer, those programs can go anywhere you go. From writing a letter to designing a birthday card, there’s nothing you can’t do with a computer.
The Internet has brought even more drastic changes. Using your computer, you can "go online", and access the Worldwide Web (WWW). You can connect to other computers, huge databases, university or county libraries, banks, or your utility company. There’s hardly a bill that can’t be paid online these days – no more licking stamps!
If you have a friend or family member living a long distance away, you can contact them by e-mail for free, saving money in long-distance charges. Movies, songs, and games can be downloaded via the Internet to your computer, and many of them are free, as well. Do your banking online at 2am, or take an online class in math or basket weaving. The Internet has truly revolutionized how we connect with other people, as well as businesses.
There’s not one area of our lives that computers and the Internet have not affected. While there are things to watch out for, overall most people agree that the huge advantages that have come from computers and the Internet far outweigh any disadvantages.
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Many people has been saying that the world of technology has taken over the human skills, thus, what they have not realize is that the humans are the one making the computers. Also they are the one giving the one adapting their skill to the computers and machines to do our job to seem more perfect.
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The only disadvantages of having computer a d internet is that people do not go to the library to retrieve there information for anything. People can just google it and find there answer. So people are ot interacting as much and are not working as hard to retrieve information and there for people are not going to remember the information as well.
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Computers are slowly but steadily creeping into our lives. It has completely changed the complexion of our work and leisure. Now architects design our houses with the help of computers. We can keep in touch with all our friends and family by internet. Even the book we are reading now has been typist by a computer. With the proper equipment we can sit at our computer and communicate with someone any where in the world. We can use the internet to access vast amount of information including text, graphics, sound and video in any part of the world. With the help of our computers we can send e-mail, receive electronic news letters and even chat with others on line.

Most of the computers programmers are such as teach children different languages and scientific facts through interesting games. By playing these games they learn how to make fantastic graphics, animations and sounds at the touch of finger. We can get information about all the fields due to internet. The internet has moved this whole World into a Globe. Our pay bills and utility bills are prepared by computers. Today scientists, doctors, engineers, musicians, accountants, businessmen, bankers and almost everybody belonging to any field of life are using them in their day to day work.
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Computers have been around since the 17th century, when the word computer means "Human Computer", as by a person doing calculations.  The modern computer did not hit us until the 1940's when then computers were just basically a keyboard that you pug into your TV.

The computers that we know today as PC or Personal Computers were first introduced in the 1960's when Apple made there first computer called "Apple 1".  Since then computers have been improving in ways we can only imagine from new software to new designs.

The question that you have to ask yourself is "How did the computer come to be a great hit worldwide?" The answer no one knows.  A survey was carried out in Washington and Alabama in 2002 entitled "Computers as we know them".  Studies proved that 10% of the 200,000 who took the survey answered they have no clue when or how the computer started.

I am a computer technician and programmer with over 25 years of computing knowledge, and even I can't pin point the computer era.  Computers are a huge part of public and private life. 

From speaking to a huge majority of computer experts, they say that computers have not yet reached there full potential.  They say that in 10 - 25 years computers will be everywhere, from Remote controlled kitchenettes among others in the home.

That is my definition of computer in our life.

Dwight E. Dessengier

NY University
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Computers and the internet are the most important part of everyone’s
life. We can find everything on internet related to our education or anything.
It becomes an essential part of our life.

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The internet creates jobs and for each job created in the technology industry, five more are created in other branches, jobs that are needed to support an entire company.

Crowdfunding platforms raised more than $2.7 billion in 2013, providing enough money for over one million campaigns created by ordinary people with big ideas.

Some 95% of the companies in countries belonging to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are present online, which increases their sales and improves the customer-seller relationship.

The internet has made many things change, and in the search for a formula to reduce piracy, the “Netflix” effect has come about, something so simple whereby if people have a legal place where they can pay to watch movies, view series and listen to music, piracy will fall. According to one study, 40% of people download less pirate copies if they can use a service such as Netflix and similar sites.

You can even play and earn money.

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