What are the disadvantages of computer in our daily life?


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The advantage, I have found this site, and made some friends here that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world, and I can find things on here so that we know or learn about something that is important to us.
Disadvantage, my husband thinks that I spend entirely too much time on here, and he gets frustrated about it at times.
We have come to a new medium with it, I bought a laptop, and I can be next to him when I am here on this site.

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The advantage of a computer is the speed its offer for repetitive works. What it could do depends on what we programmed it to function. It helps us to save a lot of time in calculation and process.

The biggest disadvantage is also the speed its spread the bad news. Bad news from USA can be immediately felt in this computer age. Compare to 100 years ago, it probably tooks a few months for news to travel from USA to Asia.

This gives higher efficiency and causing more stress at the same time to us. Is life designed to be like this? I really don't know. As a technology guy, I sometime yearned to be back 1000 years back where life is basic and simpler.
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There are the young people who use it to play the games and pass their time all day long with it .
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Nowadays computer is very useful no doubt they are helpful in day to day life .we can have a huge a mount of information  by sitting at one place but at the other side we can have skeletal problems .Radiations coming from computer can harm our eyes and of course can weaken our eyesight
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The advantages are that we can stay in touch with people, and that when we are bored and there is nothing else on tv we can play games and watch tv on the internet.

The disadvantages are there are bad people online that could possibly find you and either kill, rape, or abuse you.
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HI, I want to talk about the disadvantages only .There are advantages as well as disadvantages also .The children play the games for a long time by this they cannot concentrate in there studies and  7 to 10 years children get eye sight.Advantages are nothing but we have lot of use . But the use of it should be limited .
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There are a plethora of reasons to make use of a computer. I do some web management, so I am able to work at home. I use mine to pay bills (this saves on the cost for stamps or gasoline), check my account balance. I haven't bought checks in years. You can research health issues, pet issues, learn about anything you want.

You can get involved with sites like Blurtit to ask and answer questions. You can socialize, get involved with support groups to get anonymous help.

People go to college online and advance their carrers. They communicate with one another via email, chat and can even make use of their computer as a phone.

Visually impaired individuals can use a program to change words into speech so they can use the computer and navigate web sites.

News, weather alerts and thats just one grain of sand.

The downside is that you can get so wrapped up in the computer that you don't have a life away from it.  Eye strain, carpel tunnel, lack of sleep.  I do think the good far outways the bad.

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