What Is The Importance Of Computers In Our Daily Lives?


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In today’s world, it is almost impossible to think that one can survive without computers. They have become a gadget of almost daily use for people of every age.

Computers are important in almost all the business transactions that are made today. The most that any field has gained from the invention of the computers is the business field because of its nature.

Computers have gained importance as they have increased the productivity and efficiency of work done.

Large amounts of data in the personal lives as well as in businesses and industrial sectors are stored on computers.

Computers have also brought a revolution in the field of medicine. Not only clinics and hospitals can store data, the doctors can also make use of the computer to scan patients’ bodies and even perform surgeries that would have been quite complex and dangerous to do so without the finesse provided by the computers.

Computers have also been important in the research areas of science and technology from storage of data to performing complex calculations. The importance of computers is also undeniable in the world of communication where now the world has indeed become a global village because of this miraculous invention.

Computers have also aided in the entertainment and media industries. Be it a two minutes commercial or a multi-million dollars movie, computers have changed the very concept of providing entertainment to the general public.

With the computer industry growing very fast, the computer technology has also brought about a revolution. Laptops and palmtops have replaced the desktops, which are still popular in many of the industries.

With the reduction in size, it has become almost easy to carry the computers and use them to the fullest.

The importance of computers can be judged by the amount of people using them each and every single day. Computers are being used by not only professionals but also as a daily use electronic gadget at an average home by the elders and little children.

Whether it is homework done by children or grocery shopping done by mom or a weekly chat with grandma, all is possible with the aid of computers in our daily lives.

The importance of computers is almost an undeniable fact in today’s world. If we make a list of gadgets that are the top gadgets of the century, computers will no doubt be on top of the list.
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when i searched answer for this question in various sites i came across this site and the ans given is really perfect thank u so much
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Computers today are one of the important things we are using. They have helped a lot in compiling a lot data which used to be in hard records. One of the uses or benefits of computers is that they are able to provide and retrieve information so quickly so they have increased the pace of our work. The increase in the speed of work has helped us to do many things with less resources like in past a lot of manpower was used for record keeping and files and other things were made to keep the records saved.

This is one use of computers in our lives other than that computers has helped us to work with machines which have the ability to produce the best quality of products with maximum speed and efficiency. In today's world it is necessary that to cater for such a heavy population things are made at the higher pace with best quality, so it is possible with the help of computer that we are able to cater for the need of quantity and quality of products required in daily life.

Computer is also helping us in education of children, it has enabled us to get the information form one part of the world to the other at a very rapid pace. So in summary computer today is in every walk of life, and is helping us a lot in developing at a fast pace.
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This is a really good question and a great answer....
I was doing a research on computers and I came across this question...
It stresses really good points and doesn't beat around the bush.....
Thanks for the help Asims....
And also for putting up the question, Farahjane
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The computer is used in people's daily lives to enable peoples of this
world to talk to each other in real time,
to process quick artwork rendering, and to regulate systems to enable
the administration of fossil fuel use by people. Most gasoline stations
are computerized and can not even operate if the computers are down.
Almost every major business, banks, tire shops, fast food restaurants,
major stores, etc., uses computer and are unable to even operate if the
computers are down. Automobiles are computerized. If the computer
messes up, it could cause loss of transportation until repaired. People
also use computers in daily life to shop, bank, and pay bills from the
comfort of their homes. In some cases, people can even apply for jobs
online. They also provide entertainment in that people play games,
listen to music, chat, etc. Online. In fact, computerization is so
prevalent in our daily lives that should they be taken away, almost
everything would shut down, at least for a short time.
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Computers are important in human life because computer can help human in every where. Computer can save the time by performing its high speed quality work with no mistakes . Computers can solve the problems within a short period where there human takes long time.
Computer can gather information from any part of the world and can communicate the people form one place to another part of the world.
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That would depend on why you use the computer. If it holds you work information in it, then you know the importance there. If you use the computer for entertainment then it is not a need, it is a want. How important is entertainment in your life? That will determine how important the computer is in your life.

I, myself use it for information gathering and entertainment. I keep other important info in folders, my children use it for communication and some fun.

Computers are really rather a personal thing so therefore each individual should make that decision for himself.
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Makes it easier to remember my 'Bookings'. I socialize with my friends who live in the computer, and to amuse myself, write letters, make blingee's, and to spy on my son in College through one of those social sites. What do other people use theirs for.?...LOL. And let us not forget the primary functions of computers, to play games and send E mails.
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The very importances of computer in our life are : We can know everythings by surfing on it, ex : We can buy everything online,shopping or booking the air-tickets,making friends, chating with our family or friends, learning languages and many others etc.  So it's sure then, that having a computer is worth and useful to us.

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It's very useful and advantage to us for using it to send messages, shopping online, checking what we need and communicating etc ....
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It depends, in my opinon a computer is only good for 3 maybe 4 things. 1. Finding answers to questions. 2. Typing papers. 3. Staying in touch with friends and family. And 4. Playing fun games ^^
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Id say, for most people, it's very important. Computers are in our cars, at the grocery store, at school, at work. All the goods and food we use daily is on a computerized inventory and scheduler for shipment. Without computers most peoples lives would be shattered.

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