What Is The Importance Of Electricity In Our Daily Life?


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Electricity is one of those discoveries that have changed the daily life of everybody on the planet. Electricity is the key component to modern technology and without it most of the things that we use everyday simply could not work, and would never have bee n created. Our mobile phones, our computers, the Internet, our heating systems, our televisions, our light bulbs - nearly everything in the home would be completely different. There would be completely different systems put in place in the home to ensure that we can remain warm, and to ensure that we can live properly every day.

Indeed, modern society would be incredibly different. Imagine how different things would be today without the Internet. The World Wide Web has had a huge effect on our lives. It has made everybody more aware of the world they live in, and it’s allowed them to learn about our surroundings and know more about how near enough everything within modern society works. It is our gateway for knowledge, and allows us to find out nearly anything within a matter of seconds, hence, electricity has made us an incredibly intelligent and aware society.

It’s also allowed us to become healthier. Without electricity, hospitals would have significantly less medical equipment available to help people with medical problems. Electricity, hence, saves lives and allows people to live longer. So not only are we are more aware and intelligent society but we have become much healthier. Our lives are improved no end by electricity, and it’s certainly true that most peoples’ living quality would be significantly reduced and affected if electricity were to somehow disappear. Electricity is the basis of most modern inventions and naturally without it, the 21st century would be comparable to the 19th.
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Electricity is important to the world. Fans, light bulbs, televisions, ovens and air-conditioners. All of these cannot function without electricity. And it’s not just the basics. Microwaves, your fridge, even your dinner table was made using electricity. So, as you can see, electricity is very important to the world.
As long as the electricity is available, no one thinks much about it. The importance is realized when the power goes out. Whether it’s during the day or at night, electricity keeps our lives in order. It affects your business, your schedule and even your entertainment.
Electricity wasnt’t made only for entertainment or to make our lives much easier, it was mostly made for our safety.
Electricity runs everything in our everyday life. Petrol stations can’t pump petrol without it. Businesses have to close because their cash registers won’t work without it. Restaurants can’t cook food without it. Our lives almost come to a standstill without electricity.
Everything in our world today depends on having the power to keep them running. In our house, everything we need and enjoy is plugged into a wall socket and requires electricity. So, you see, without electricity our lives would be a mess.
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To answer this question ,I think I should explain the importance of electricity in the following aspects:
(1)Known as all,electricity is indispensable  in our daily life,it plays an very important role in our daily life.almost everything we use needing electricity ,for example ,TV,computer,cell phone ,air-condition ,electric lamp and so on.
(2)electricity also essential to enterprise ,especially for heavy industry ,if there is no electricity ,I think it just can't imagine how enterprise will operate.
(3)In these morden days ,if there is no electricity ,I think nobody could live.we don't have air-condition in the day ,no matter how cold or how hot it will be,we can't  communicate with others unless we meet,we don't have electricity to cook,because most of our cooking utensils need electricity  ,worse more ,when nigh coming ,we almost can do nothing expect sleeping.
Electricity do play an very important role in our daily life.
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Electricity is important because without it, we wouldn't an easier way of living life. Our homes are warmed easier, they are cooled off easier. I think that is one of the many ways it is important。
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It is important because it is the most common energy form we consume and depend on in our everyday lives!
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If there is no electricity in this world, even Thomas Edison's great invention like the light bulb, won't be so great as it does not have any electricity to power it and then, how do we do work at night? Burn a midnight oil? Then that will be contributing more to global warming, and when everyone does that, won't the ozone layer go smaller and smaller?
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Do you realize that we get most of our energy from burning HUGE amounts of coal? I think the earth would take some burning oil a couple hours a night.
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That is not all true, electricity also come from water flows.
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Electricity is useful in our daily lives because firstly it is portable so it allows you to move it around freely something you would struggle with if you were using something such as a fire. It is also usable where other forms of energy aren't, for example you can't use a nuclear bomb to power a TV but you can use electricity.
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Electricity is very useful and necessary for our life.

Without electricity our world would be very dark in night time, and electricity makes our world bright and very attractive.

In the olden days there was no electricity, but in the modern world without it nothing is possible - even we cannot see time without electricity.

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Help us in many ways. Mostly for lighting, and many other purposes which most of us humans require in order to study, work and survive
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Electricity is very essential part of our lifes. Without it we can live in the day (of course in summer we can't live loll). In the night it would be dark. This is one aspect.
The other one is industrial, I.T mainly depend on electricity, it would effect these too.
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Everything depends on electricity, we can not do without it, ex: When we need  to turn on the light, the TV,the computer, to cook, many other things etc. 

It's very important to us to have it, if not, it would be impossible to do anything.

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Thank you for your answers. It helps my homework to a terror proffessor a lot! God bless you all.

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Electricity is a standout amongst the most imperative favors that science has given to humanity. It has additionally turned into a piece of present day life and one can't think about a world without it. Power has numerous utilizations in our everyday life. It is utilized for lighting rooms, working fans and residential apparatuses like utilizing electric stoves, A/C and that's only the tip of the iceberg. All these give solace to individuals. In industrial facilities, huge machines are worked with the assistance of power. Fundamental things like nourishment, material, paper and numerous different things are the result of power.

Present day method for transportation and correspondence have been reformed by it. Electric trains and battery autos are snappy method for travel. Power likewise gives method for beguilement, radio, TV and silver screen, which are the most well known types of diversion are the aftereffect of power. Advanced gear like PCs and robots have additionally been produced in light of power.

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Electricity is important because without it we can not make the electronical appliances work such as computers,television,Air conditioners,fans etc.These are the important machines/appliances we have to use everyday.It has invalid our lives and has given a very vital role through out our lives.we should save electricity as much as we could.We can save electricity by closing lights and fans when not in use.

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As an electrician myself I can tell how the family was irritated because they haven't got to use electricity for a couple of hours because of electrical problems.

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Electricity is very important for
everyone as it helps us to accomplish our tasks at night. Furthermore, without
it our gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops will be useless after having
been used for a while, as electricity is needed to recharge their batteries.
Additionally, it is very important for businesses.

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Electricity makes it possible to use computers. Computers = Internet nowadays.

With Skype and Facebook, communication has become so very easy. You can chat to someone halfway across the world through instant messaging, email and Skype calls with a click of the button. With high speed broadband you can even share photos, videos and music.

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It is important to us because we use it in our everyday lives and it enlightens our dark night and many other thing that need electricity
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It is important to us because we wont live in a world like this and watch tv to see what is happening around the world and people wont get payed because most people work with electricty
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Electricity is important in our daily lives since it helps us with hooking up appliances, for light to see at night in the dark, and for using laptops, microwaves, satellite, antennae, the internet, television, and so forth. We use electricity every day to cook and clean with a vacuum. We can not live without electricity. Actually we can, but we can use candles to see in the dark but it is not bright enough so that is when electricity falls into place with light.

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