What Is The Importance Of Technology In Our Daily Life?


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In theory, technology isn't essential in life; however for life as we know it, it is massively important.

We know that humans lived for many hundreds of thousands of years without the same technology we have today. In fact, even now, there are tribes who don't have access to technology and live happily in their own way of life. This does not mean however, that technology isn't important to us. Technology affects almost everything we do and without it we would have to change almost every aspect of our lifestyles. So, where in our lives is technology important? Below are some examples.

- Health - In the past medical advances usually came from the discovery of a new plant or combination of herbs, however nowadays medical advances are usually technological. Such advances have resulted in increased life expectancy.
- Communication & leisure - Whilst leisure and communication may not be the most important aspects but they would definitely be the most immediately missed if technology was taken away. Have you ever witnessed the tantrum involved when a child forgets their PSP or even the devastation when a fully grown, reasonable adult leaves their mobile at home? It seems that we are incapable of living even one day without our favourite gadgets.
- The fridge and freezer to keep our food cool and minimize bacteria
- The flushing toilets to improve the health and sanitation of developed countries
- The microwave which allows us to make a cooked meal in 5 minutes
- The cars, buses, trains and airplanes that allow us to get anywhere in the world

As you can see without technology life would be altered dramatically, and life as we know it would be almost unbearable.
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Technology is very important in our life as it makes it easier  and more comfortable. We can benefit from technology in different fields such as education, medicine, economy and business ...
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Technology is very important because it is used in all fields of life. Just consider your one day routine and count all the technological products which you use in one single day and you will realize the significance of technology. You use mobile phones, watch TV, drive your cars, use computers and internet and use machines. In fact we are getting dependent on technology in our communication, transportation, information surfing, entertainment and for all necessities of life. Men has stepped on moon which is also because of the revolution in the space technology. Because of the importance of technology, most of the companies are creating their Research and Development departments.
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Technology help our daily lives become easier
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Technology is really important because without it most things we do in life would slow down
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If we realise, we'll sometime wonder 'What's next to come?' because new technologies have been essential part of our daily life. From the kitchen to the toilet, we're opting for newer technologies,....
But I believe these technologies are making people Dull. For example, we'll surely depend on our cell phone to know what's my frens cell number? And we proudly say 'Why bother Ownself if technology is there?' we don't care about how dull our mind has become, how less our minds are using?
If you have to add 85+63+11+759+10 then you'll surely depend on calculators of such devices. But where's our mind mechanism?
So we need technologies, but lets' not make technologies our habit!!!!!
Bikkil Sthapit, Kathmandu
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The importance of technology lies in the benefits of technology on society. Science and technology have a very important role nowadays.
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Today people have become so dependent on technology that they cannot imagine life without it technology also mad world a smaller place to live
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Technology changed our world things that we were do it manually or by hand have now computarized operating system . Simply require computarized to get atask completed >>
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Technology is important in our daily life. Technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use. Technology is easy for ,  exchange information. It has made our life easy and so fast.

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The use of technology is increasing day by day.The emerging technologies had a impact in our daily lives in different ways.some of them are.

In the field of business the use of technology reduced time and save money of performing certain tasks.With the use of technology a small business can scale out and deliver more with less human resource.

secondly in the field of communication,technology made communication so easy.We can send emails,fax,messages within a second without any delays.

In the field of education technology made a big change by invention gadgets like mobile apps which provides information made students to learn easily.

In the field of Banking also technology brought the electron banking system which made moving money so simple and easy.

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As a student that went to Africa, I think that we could live without technology but we are so caught up in new gadgets. We also need to be consumers (supply and demand therory). Someones pocketing the money- just look at Bill Gates!! P.S- Rebekah Leduc is one hot chick!
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To learn the answer: Please switch off your mobile phone, at least for a month; Transport by your own foot while going out; Don't eat ice creams, because it uses Fridge; Stop watching TV and stop listening to Radio; and so on.

You'll understand the Importance of TeChnology in our daily life, just by doing it.

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Technology is very importance in everyone's life. It makes every task convenient and more comfortable.
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The study of or a collection of techniques; a particular technological concept; the body of tools and other implements produced by a given society

Zubair Mughal

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