What do you guys think of internet relationships? Weird? Unrealistic? Dangerous?


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Hilary Newton answered
No you dont know anyone  until you have met them+lived with them otherwise you cant really trust someone merely by talking to them,
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Eleanor jones answered
Well they are potentially dangerous more so than meeting someone face to face as the internet kind of gives a front to hide behind. I am not but I could be a male for example pretending to be a female. No one can prove that wrong without meeting me. So it is best to be cautious and I think u can get a sense of who is likely to be genuine and who is not. But there are many stories that come out about the dangers of ( especially) women travelling across the world to end up meeting a con artist who has chatted them up on the net.  But of course internet relationships  have developed into  good marriages too. Just dont jump into anything.
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Tony Newcastle
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Eleanor, I think you could be a man pretending to be a female. I think your real name is Eddie Izzard.
--You could even be a brass monkey pretending to be a human!
Eleanor jones
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True Tony and u may be a nun. Who knows! Lol
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Maxine Chan answered
Internet relationships are weird and dangerous and I would never do such a thing. I need to see someone in person first before I date them. I do not like online dating either. I think it should be illegal.
Lianna Lins Profile
Lianna Lins answered
It depends how deep the relationships are. I've had some really good ones...but there are always, always the people who you can't trust. So yes, it's best to be careful, play it safe, and stick to the basics, don't give out really personal info, etc =)
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Crystal Smith answered
Very unsafe and dangerous! Anyone could pretend to be someone else, a so called 13 year old boy who loves bmx riding could be a 48 year old creepy pedo!!
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Steve Robinson answered
Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.  My sister met a guy on line, they met in person, dated for a while, got married and it all fell apart in about 4 years.
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BCarpenter answered
Sometimes they can be fun. Just do not give out your real name, phone number or address. Just have fun and keep it unpersonal.
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I've seen some turn out really good and some terribly awful.  I don't know what to think. Lol
I got a friend thats seeing this girl from match.com... Gotta be careful because some of the pictures people put up are from years ago...

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