How Can I Boost My Wi Fi Signal On My Laptop?


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One way is to attach external antenna if your lap-top has a provision for that. Other way is to use an RF amplifier for which you may have to open your lap-top and tap the RF signal from an appropriate point. For this work you may have to take help of an electronic engineer.
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Disconnect your connection from your laptop to your router. Reset your router and then add the connection back to your laptop. If this doesn't work move your laptop closer to your router.
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Most people simply purchase a wireless signal booster. It's an easy, uncomplicated way to boost your signal.

In most cases strategic positioning is essential. Try re-positioning your router. Mounting your router on your wall rather than on a desk can also help. It greatly reduces interference. This is one cheap and undemanding trick. You also have a massive amount of booster antennas you can purchase. Sometimes upgrade the antenna used on your router can be of immense help. Addition of another access point or router may be necessary at times. You also have WiFi signal amplifiers in addition to WiFi repeaters.

A good site dealing with WiFi signal boosting tips would be It offers detailed explanations.

Another site deals with WiFi boosting discussions. Visit for details. It's mostly general talk. However, there are instructions that could suit you, thrown in between.

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