My Instagram, Facebook & other social media are working fine, except for Snapchat. This is with the wi-fi on. What should I do?


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Start talking to real people :)

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Snapchat does experience downtime fairly often so maybe it is a temporary thing. I've listed the things you can do to get your Snapchat app working again:

  • If you have an iPhone click the home button twice and swipe up on the application to close it.
  • If your phone is android, press the menu button and swipe the snapchat app away to close it.
  • Turn off your phone for a few minutes and turn back on.
  • If all else fails, uninstall Snapchat and reinstall again.

You say it isn't working on wifi, is it working on your data plan? Have you asked your friends whether theirs is working? If not it may well be a  Snapchat problem and should be fixed very soon.

I know that Snapchat is really popular, especially with teens, but I can't  understand the attraction personally. If someone sends me a photo, I  want to be able to view it for as long as I like, not for the amount of seconds that I am given. 

Obviously, that's just me though, the rest of the world seems to love it!

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