How do I get a wi-fi password?


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If you need to make your router secure you need to reset your router by sticking pen or pin into that hole on back of the router, than you need to find the IP address for your router for example:  top of your browser. Then when it asked for Admin code put in admin when it asks for password than your going to put in the temporarily password the router set up gave you or password.

Once you're in the router than do whatever you want. Look for security then it will ask do you want them to give you a password or do you want put one in manually. I would choose manually rather than put one in there .

Whatever you do write down all your passwords, whether they are yours or temporarily ones given to you. Also if you're trying to get someone else's WiFi password just be careful cause that would be illegal ( not meaning to offfend you)

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When you push the reset button of the back of router..that a software installation request should pop up on your's going say do you want secure your wireless connection follow the steps...Then copy down the temporarily password your going use that as your password to log into your router...when you go to log into your router you will put the router IP number at the top of the browser...that IP number is the routers IP address ..Admin should pop up in there you will put : admin in small letters when it ask for password: put in the temporarily password it gave you.. Worst comes to worse your going have to contact the maker of your router that could be anyone ..I've helped you to the best of my ability
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See i got Linksys router so when I reset it, I follow through to set up a secured wireless connection, that is how I get my password from what they give me. Then once I log into the router then I changed the password .
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Step one: Hook up your PC with the router by an ethernet cable. (reset router may result in the loss of wifi cause the SSID and password will become factory settings.)

Step two: Do you know the default IP address to access the router? It might be something like or Type the number in the address bar of any web browser on your computer. 
If you do not know, contact the router tech support.

Step three: based on step two, type in the admin password to log into the router interface. (Do not know the admin password? check the password on the label. Generally speaking, there is a label on the router itself.)

Step four: based on step three, go to find Wireless Settings on the router interface and there is wireless security option in that option where you can find the wifi password.
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It depends on your router to be honest.

Some routers come with software (often in the form of a CD), which you need to install on your computer.

Part of the setup process may involve setting your own password.

More often though, network providers simply print the password onto a card on the router itself. It's usually not easy to spot, so you may need to examine your router carefully.

Where the password is displayed will vary from model to model.

Also, many routers come with paperwork that usually has details of network names and passwords.

I would suggest holding on to ALL paperwork that comes with your router - you never know when you might need it!

Finally, if you are still having problems locating your wifi password, them simply call up your provider.

They will be able to reset it for you, once you've cleared their security questions.

Good luck!

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