Why Do People Hack Into Computer Systems?


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People hack into computer systems, the same way they break into peoples homes to steal their property. It is a criminal offence in the same way that, stealing financial information from a company is.
It is sometimes viewed as nerdy behavior, and yet it can cause untold damage, and cost a company millions, to rectify. Hackers sometimes try to get codes and encoded information, so they can profit from it financially.
Others do it because they can, and, in the same way that someone takes a spray can full of paint and damages someone else's property, they do it so they can boast they have, and wear it as a badge of glory. Anti social behavior,
is now being treated as part of the greater picture of crime, and prosecuted
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I have been hacked:( they hack because like they want to gain your passwords ect... Go to the police station they will sort it out :p
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Ive had someone hacking on to my computer a pedo he has messed my computer up got all my passwords for everything he knows where I live what I look like I don't no what to do about it he done all of this through msn saying he was 15 when is 20 odd
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Because they think its cool
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They just want to do something when they are bored. And they just want to hurt any kind of computer no matter what type it is a computer, or a laptop
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I know why people hack Runescape because they are too lazy to train their own accounts themselvesBut because Runescape's security is too high to be hacked it is impossible to hack on there(The datas are protected by encryption)
But you can always scam people by telling them lies like
"I'll train your account for free if you tell me your pass"
But nowadays they can always recover their account
1.You can answer your security questions
2.Recover by using your email
and a few more(I forgot because I quit Runescape I get scammed on there a lot :(
And also my level122 and 92 acc got hacked )
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I have someone hacked in to mine, but why? God? No its the hacker, on facebook , I was the best of all my other friends and I like...level 38 on a game later, hacked because I was the best one but now...gone, maybe they want me to level up for them then hack or maybe they are just jealous that they can't do it, so they are losers.

I really want it back and I really do, if any body can help me please do. I am crying out od my tears now..
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Chanster72  you suck I'm a levl 95 and I could not care if it got hacket you nerd!

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