What's the best way to store 600GB's worth of video and music files?


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I have a 256GB MacBook Pro Retina, so obviously dont have the space internally! I have a 2TB external hard drive, where my Audio and Video folders currently sit. But, I'm afraid that if this Hard Drive decides to break, I'm screwed!

So, I'm toying with the idea of buying another 2TB Hard Drive, and just making another copy OR investing in some cloud storage.

Google Drive offers 1TB of online storage for about £32 a month. Not too bad, when compared with Dropbox, who offer only 500GB for this price. I have also looked at Crashplan, but that's just cloud backups (much like Time Machine) and has no cloud storage for archiving.

What I'm trying to figure out is a way of storing my VERY important and large audio and video folders safely. I think external hard drive and cloud is the best way to go, but what do you think?

All opinions welcome!

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Dan Banks answered

I totally agree - the best way to store that amount of data would certainly be a combination of using an external hardrive and cloud storage.

I think I would store all 600GBs of data in a high-capacity external hardrive, such as a 1 terabyte device - which can be picked up for under £100 these days. Then I would back-up the most important of these files and keep them in a online cloud storage account.

You could also store the most frequently accessed files in the cloud storage too, making it easier to transfer the data to multiple devices quickly. A combination of these two, along with your internal storage should be enough to cover all eventualities.

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