Why would someone want to hack someone else's Computer?


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Brady answered
The first thing you need to realize is that the people asking these questions under a handle are simply going for recognition.  The more they go for recognition the more quickly they are caught.  The next thing you need to realize is that hacking into another's computer is a near impossible task, especially so for those who are asking on this site as though they will find some easy guide.  Most know little to nothing about programming, much less the inner workings of a computer network.  All in all they have nowhere near the knowledge (or likely the focus) to hack into a computer system.
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Pamela Krueger answered
It's like Eyewatcher says, most of us have a lot of our personal information on our computers, and if it gets hacked into, then they can take our information and gain access to our accounts, our addresses, everything that is valuable to us.  People do this for a living; they are like parasites who take from others for their own personal gain...SICK PEOPLE OUT THERE!
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Penny Kay
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I feel sorry for any fool that wants my identity and the 22$ I usually have in the bank. I have a long history with the police and well, I am a nut. Nothing but trouble would come their way, but I suppose their are those that are not selective about who they hack.
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You can steal a person's life on the computer. Most of us do banking online, etc......
If hacked, the security will be breached and everything can be stolen....all your nbrs, phone nbrs...all of your contacts ...EVERYTHING....
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There are a number of reason that they may wish to do this:  Illegal activities, revenge, a lack of trust (they want to spy), but someone said stupidity and childishness and that pretty well covers all the bases.  Never, would I aid anyone in trying to hack into someones computer, cell phone, facebook etc.
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There are sick people in the world that don't even realize that they are sick, I firmly believe a lot of the thief that is taking place is a inside job, a person works there and learns the ropes and wants to do stupid things and enlist a friend on the outside to do the actual act so as to cover their own but the same with car thieves and bank robbers....♥ why anyone wants to do this is anyones guess but to them it is fun until they get caught......
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Fun, robbery, death threats, revenge, information, the government or whoever else is making them (which relates to basically all the above answers), giving a nice surprise, and many more reasons.
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To find out their secrets , or even to steal their identity .  So, you should never reveal passwords to anybody ..
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