How Can I Hack Someones Computer?


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You can't. And by the fact that you are asking in a place like this how to do it:- you never will. Which is just as well really, because you are way too far down the intelligence meter to be let loose with those kinda skills. Give up the dream and go back to school.
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Upto certain extent you have to be a programmer and second you need to have dedication and walla you can hack into ALMOST any computer. You just need to create your own virus or worms (that can be controlled by you) and let loose into a network if you can do that. And this is the first part secondly you should not be get caught. Because there is prison terms, you know. So it is bad and better you do not do such kinda stupid things.....
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I think you have to be a complete  douch and a stalker to do that ..if you have reached that level congratulations !! You have no life! BAM !

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I no how to shutdown someones computer through a different computer but you need to b connect to them through a server thingy if its a school computer it can b done google search cmd don't tell anyone you no coz then it can backfire hope this helps you with your hacking stuff

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