How Do I Restore My Aim Buddy List After Accidentally Deleting It?


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I lost my buddy list.  Added all names back and still nothing can I get my buddy list back?
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Go to menu>settings>privacy all the people you blocked and or deleted is listed below!
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Before doing any of this, you have to make sure that you are signed into your AIM with the user name whose list you want to recover and also check that your "Show hidden files" option is on. You can see it in windows XP by clicking on Tools>Folder Options> View tab. The show hidden files option should be checked.

Then in the Application data folder go to AIM----> screen name and then open userinfo.bag in word Pad or note pad.

In this file among many other things, there would be the user names of your buddies and you can get them back by pasting them on your list.

Good Luck!

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My Buddy list is gone, I have tried using keyword but dosen't work this time , please help me.
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I believe you are asking to restore the buddy list on your AIM. If that's case, I will show you how it's to be done. It's a bit of a complicated procedure, but it might just work for sure. First thing you need to do is use a computer you have used your AIM username and password before. You also have to make sure you put your hidden files and folders to a visible mode. Open the AIM folder in your installed drive and then open your screen name folder. You need to open 'userinfo.bag'. Open this file with Microsoft WordPad. There will be a long list of symbols. Keep scrolling down and you will find your friends' usernames. Just copy and paste it on to AIM. That's it, your job is done.

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