How Do I Restore Motorola Blur To Factory Settings And Delete All Personal Info?


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The Motorola Blur manual is easily available online if you haven’t got your copy. You can find it simply by searching in your web browser and search engine.

Resetting the factory settings can be done at the same time as erasing all the data on your phone. You firstly need to go into the menu and select the option, Factory Data Reset. In this option you can then choose to reset the phone which will restore all factory settings and remove your data. This will in effect remove all downloaded applications. Data on the memory card however, will not be deleted.

If you have managed to lose your phone, you can still locate it and remove the data. To do this, log into your Motoblur account at On the phone profile page, follow the link to locate your phone. Motoblur can locate your phone using GPS and AGPS.

Once you have located the phone, you can then proceed with deleting any data. Follow the links on the phone profile page and follow the link to delete data. Again, this will wipe everything apart from what is on your memory card.

There are also several forums available that may be of use to this problem. Android forums will allow you to connect with other people who use the Android platform which will be useful if you are experiencing any difficulties with that. links you with other people who are using Motorola and in there you will find a section specifically designed for the Motoblur users. If you still can’t manage to successfully delete your data and reset the phone, they may have experienced the same thing or can at least give you tips and advice.

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