What Is The Restore Factory Settings Code Of 1650 Nokia Mobile?


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If you have never changed the code for the 'restore factory settings' option on your Nokia 1650 then the code should be something simple such as, 1234, 12345, 0000, 1111. The codes that the phone is first set up with are usually one of these combinations. If none of these codes are working then it could mean that you have changed the code for the 'Restore Factory Settings' option and have forgotten it. In these cases you will normally have to contact your network provider or Nokia directly to resolve it.

The first person to contact is the shop where you originally bought your mobile phone. It is very likely that they would have had a customer in a similar situation in the past and may be able to fix the problem for you on the spot. If they cannot help you directly, they may be able to advise you about who is best to speak to next. In some extreme cases you may have to send your phone off to be reset. If this does happen to you then make sure that you have everything that you need from your phone backed up as when it is reset, everything will be deleted from the phone's memory.

Once your phone has had its factory settings restored, ensure that you have made not of the new code. If it is one that is not particularly memorable, change it to something that is. Don't use anything too obvious, like your date of birth or house number, but do use something that you will remember. This could be a spouse or family member's birthday or an anniversary. The mobile phone company may be happy and willing to help you the first time but if it happens again it could be a little more difficult to resolve.

Try the basic combinations above within the 'Restore Factory Settings' options but if they do not work, proceed to contact someone who may be able to help.
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