How To Reset Factory Settings Of Nokia 1600?


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Oh the Nokia 1600 cell phone, a classic piece of ergonomic design. But you're having a spot of bother with it? OK the simplest way to restore the original factory settings of a Nokia 1600 is as follows:
First, in the standby mode, select Menu.
Second, scroll down to the settings sub-menu and select the option: "Settings"
Third, on this sub-menu should be the option: "Restore factory set", click this and it should restore factory settings.
You may need to set or input some security codes. To do this you require the security code (which was supplied with the phone, the preset code is 12345).
In some cases a Personal Identification number or PIN code will be required. This should have been supplied with the SIM card. If you do not know this number contact your phone service provider. There may also be a PIN2 code, supplied with some SIM cards.
Then there are Personal Unlocking Keys or PUKs and which are occasionally supplied with the SIM card. These become helpful as if you enter the PIN or PIN2 code incorrectly three times in succession, you will be asked for the PUK or PUK2 code. Again if you have mislaid them contact your local service provider.
If you want to alter these codes head to Select Menu > Settings > Security Settings.
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My nokia n1600 not accept the 12345 code for restore factory setting how can I solve thir problem plz tell me the way
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Master reset codes
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As far as i know the reset code on all nokia phones is 12345. So you would go to reset factory settings and when your asked to enter code you input 12345. Hope it works for you
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I used *#7780# it was not working I tried use hard resting method of * +3+# and power but not working pls I need a another code to reset my nokia 6300
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Resetting your nokia 1600 is really easy
All you have to do is first
find a large wooden stick and try pushing them up your ass
If your successful you are officially a pervert and need serious help.
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My Nokia 1600 (RH-64) IMEI number is 359837018909129. I am from Bangladesh. My phone only accepts 'Grameenphone' operators SIM. How can I solve this problem?

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