How To Find Name And Address From Mobile No In Kolkata Free Of Cost?


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It is not possible to find a name and address from just a mobile phone number. Unlike land-line numbers, mobile phone numbers do not contain any information that can help locate them to an address. The only way that you may be able to obtain a name and an address for the number is if you have the mobile phone. If you have found a lost mobile phone and you are trying to obtain the name and address of the person it belongs to, there are a few simple ways that you may be able to locate them. Two of the methods could either be by searching for details within the phone or taking the phone to the network provider.

  • Searching for details on the mobile phone
    You can search through the mobile phone for any references to the person who owns it or look for a number within the address book that is listed as 'Home' or 'Parents'. You can then try calling the relatives of the mobile phone number in order to find out who to send the mobile phone to. Try looking for the person who text or rang the mobile phone owner most recently and give them a call to let them know that you have found their friend's phone.

  • Taking the phone to the network provider
    The mobile phone should have a logo somewhere on the cover that refers to the network provider it is linked with. If you take the phone to a high street branch that belongs to that network provider, they may be able to search for the number on their system to see who it was registered with.
If you are hoping to just locate a name and address by simply using the mobile phone number, then this is not something that is currently possible. The only way of learning who the person is and where they live is to have the mobile phone itself.

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