What Is A Np Code?


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You will usually come across an NP code when you have 'locked' a mobile phone.An NP code works exactly like an NUC; also known as a Network Unlock Code.

The only time you will need an NP code or an NUC is when you want to switch the mobile phone's registered network. For example, let's say that you are given a mobile phone by a friend. She/he used it for 12 months on the O2 network before getting a new phone. You however, are on the T-Mobile network. When you go to put your SIM into the phone, the phone's registered network and settings will not recognise that of the T-Mobile SIM card and will most likely not get any further than the welcome screen. You'll also almost always receive a prompt on the screen that requests an NP code to unlock it. Once the code is entered, the phone can be used by whomever has it, regardless of the SIM card type and network.

There are a couple of ways to obtain an NP code; the first being to obtain a card from the original network provider, so in this case that would be O2. By simply calling them and explaining you would like the phone unlocked, O2 should send you a code within a couple of days, and entering this code should unlock the phone. If calling the network provider isn't an option and you'd rather wait a few minutes than a few days, then you can always try taking it into your local mobile phone store. Most offer an 'unlocking' service and for a small price (usually between £10 and £20), your phone can be unlocked in minutes.
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The NP code is the same as the NUC (Network Unlock Code). The phone is locked to the Virgin network and requires a code from them to use another sim from a different operator. You may also find your local market trader or independent phone shop can unlock it for about £10.

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