What Is A Postal Code On Hotmail?


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A postal code is the United Kingdom's equivalent to a ZIP code. If you are being asked for a postal code when signing up for an email account with Hotmail or any other email provider then it is likely you are visiting the UK version of the website.

If this is a problem you are encountering then you should be aware that you are probably visiting the wrong website for your region of the world. In most cases, you are automatically redirected to the website that is relevant to your country, however this is always guaranteed. Take note of whether it says postcode or ZIP code in the field to be sure. With websites that are huge like Hotmail, they normally provide you with the option of both fields, so you should only fill in the one that is relevant to your area.

In the United Kingdom, postal codes commonly appear in a total of six characters that are often split into two halves. These are often a combination of both upper case letters and numbers. The post code often begins with two upper case letters that usually reflect the area to which the post code belongs to. For example, post codes in the English city of Preston begin PR. The letters are then followed by a number then a space, a number and finally two letters.

The equivalent to a postal code in the United States is known as a ZIP code. ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Program and they are five digit codes that perform the same job as a post code in the UK. The numbers within the ZIP codes also represent certain areas in the country. For example, if the ZIP codes that begin with a nine are associated with states in the west of the United States. The following digits of the ZIP code will essentially narrow down the geographical location to somewhere more specific.
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If you need to checo your zip code, website may be helpful. Always use it when I need to send a package to someone or when I am ordering something online myself.

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Post Codes are the UK equivalent of Zip Codes.  If you are being asked for this then you are on the UK version of hotmail.  Check the URL address at the top of your browser window and see if the part between the www and the first / ends in try deleting this and everything after it and put in .com in it's place.  This will take you to the main homepage for the site and you can navigate to the equivalent place that you were at on the UK   Delete the and replace it with .com so that it will read and you should be on the american version of the site (assuming that is of course that it is the american version that you are looking for.)

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