How Can One Find Out If Their Spouse Has A Secret Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail Account Etc?


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There are many tools and pieces of software out there that are able to record key strokes and page views whenever they use the computer. At a later date you will be able to see the things that your partner has been viewing. This is obviously something you don’t want to be doing when you’re meant to trust somebody, but after all - if it’s necessary, it’s necessary! Record what they’re doing and if you find something, then it has benefitted you. If not, then you know you can trust your partner and there will be no need to continue using the software.

You can search for these pieces of software on Google, and many of them are known as ‘key loggers’. Perform a Google search and you’ll no doubt be pleased at the thousand of results that you will see.

Another basic way of finding out whether or not your partner has a secret email account is by searching through the history of your browser. Your Internet browser keeps a history automatically of what has been viewed, and if you have any idea that your partner is snooping around and has a secret email address, then searching through the history will tell you whether or not they have been doing things you don’t want them to see. 

What’s stopping you from asking your partner too, though? Accusing a partner of having a secret email address is a rather specific accusation, and hence, you should be able to talk to your partner about the worries you are having. If you have any evidence, talk to them and tell them why you believe they may have a secret email address. This way you can talk about things and have a more trusting relationship.
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There are tools out there that allow you to record your spouses key strokes and you can look over them to see what they have typed.
there called "key loggers" google them.

Or you could view the internet history.

next time, marry someone you trust ;)

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You could use parental controls on her and block her from sites and wait for her to complain lol.
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You could just ask out straight if they have one I know if my boyfriend asked me I would just tell him yes or no.

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