How Do I Find Out The Owner Of A Hotmail Account?


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Hotmail is a very popular and widely used mail system in this world. Therefore it would be really difficult to determine the owner of a Hotmail Account. Actually it is hard to trace the owners of accounts in any free email accounts for that matter. Thus it also includes other services like Yahoo and Gmail as well. One of the reasons as to why it is difficult is because anybody creating an account can give false information so that it reveals nothing about the actual person. In such situations there is really no way of tracing the owner of such accounts.

But you can trace the computer from which the account was created with the help of the IP address. Then you can continue your search from there. Moreover it would also be easier if the user gives all the right details. But all in all one has to accept that it would be very difficult to trace the owners of accounts.
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I got 4 invites on my MSN hotmail yesterday and think its the same person, can I find out who it is all I have are there email address (hotmail) I didnt accept them to my msn

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