How Can I Tell If An Email Address Is Still Active Or Who's It Is?


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The easiest way to tell if an email address is still active is to send an email to it, and wait for a reply. If one comes, then of course it is active. Otherwise, it may not be - although that isn’t definite. Always be aware that email addresses are prone to hacking and viruses, meaning they could generate spam that could then be sent to contacts. If you recognize an email from an email address as spam, you should delete it and, if possible, block the email address from contacting you again.

On the other hand, to find out who owns an email address, there are a number of things you can look for. Firstly, if the address has sent you an email, check for headers and footers. These often include details about the sender including their full name. If you can’t see any headers or footers, you could see if the email address is associated with a profile. Email providers such as MSN allow users to create personal profiles which are often public. Checking the profile of an email address is a surefire way of finding out who’s it is.

Another way to find out who uses a particular email address is to utilize social websites such as Facebook. After creating a profile on the site, copy and paste the email address into the website’s search bar. If you are lucky, this will return the result of the person using the email address. However this method only works if the email address is connected to the person’s profile on the social networking site. It should also be remembered that there is every chance the email address owner doesn’t use social websites.
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To know that a given email address is an active email address or not. You simply need to send an email to that address. In a case email is being received by that address no email would come into your inbox as response. If that address is not active than an intimation will come into your inbox.
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How can I find if a friend's account is still active,I have hem in my  messenger but I don't know if he still have a hot mail
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If you send an email on a address and finds that your email returns back. There is some problem with the recipient email address. You can find it by the automatically generated email from the Mail Service Provider. Either the mail box is full or the address is inactive because of not opening it for a certain amount of time.
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Try to add them to your hotmail friends. If already there, delete it and enter again.

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