How Do You Make An Email Address?


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It is quite simple to make an email address for yourself. There are several types of email facilities but as a beginner it is better to make a free email address without paying any charges. First choose where you want to make an email address i.e. The site s like, or or Once you have chosen it go to their home page where you would see an icon "Mail". Click on it and there you would find another icon which says new user.    Click on that and it would transfer you to a page where you will have to fill out a form with a few details. You would also have to choose a unique user name which can contain alphabets, figures and special characters but nobody else would have this user name. Then choose a password and a security question to preserve the password and supply it to you in case you forget it. Then accept all their terms and conditions and submit this form. If the form is accepted then you have successfully created an email account and that is your username would be your email along with the service that you are subscribing would be your email address for instance [email protected], [email protected] etc.
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Ambreen Asif answered
To create an email address you have to fill a online form which consist of some data about you when you complete the form and agree with their terms and conditions your email account is set up.
Just go and set up your account now.
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Lily Moon answered
Usually on sites like yahoo or hotmail there's an option to "sign up"  click on it and follow directions :D
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Kurosaki Ichigo answered
Go to , press 'sign up' type your information, username and password and type the given letter below, then you will have your email address.
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Sydney answered
Well, you could go to any email function and create an email. I like Gmail because you can chat and stuff; but that's just my opinion.
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ly fen chen answered

It's not difficult to have a email add, you just sign up from some sites like: Yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc... You have to fill up some questions that they ask you, and set up your pass work, that's done.

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