How To Find My Mom Or An Old Address For Her, Do You Know How I Could Do That Without Pay Fines? Even An Email Address


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Fred Jones answered
Without paying fines? The only reason you would have to pay a fine is if you have done something wrong. You may mean fees??

There are several ways to search using the Internet. It may be that she is still using your fathers name or even her maiden name. I don't know he circumstances so I have to say that she may also being using another name if she had remarried (if separated)

There are many phonebooks that have online resource that you can search on. You might also get with some of your fathers friends and see if he may have told them anything about your mother. There are also sites that will do searches for email addresses and most are free.
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Lynn Perie answered
You can try there are many search engines there to find people and other things.
Good luck to you dear.
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Nolo Promittere answered
Try  It has a database going back years and will give addresses and phone numbers for free.  The site makes its money on people who want more information than just that.

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