Can I Send An Email To My Friend Without Knowing Their Email Address?


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Fred Jones answered
No, you can't send an email to anyone without knowing their email address. You can try some of the searches that are out there to locate the person or maybe they use the Internet and have contact information on yahoo, myspace, facebook or some other type of site that will get info to you. I have not heard of the site that Fahad talks of but even they will send you the email address so that you know it (or have it). Heck, depending on how long ago you knew this person, you might even try going back to a school they graduated from to see if they have some contact information they can share with you.
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Fahad Hussain answered
Yeah Buddy, why not you can use the service offered by GEMITEKS INTERNATIONAL.
You simply type your message and give your friends name and if you have any other detail of your friend and simply send your e-mail to [email protected]
they will forward your message as it is and also let you know the e-mail address of your friend.
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Previously abuot six months ago,there was a possibility that   you would...
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No, you can't send email to your friend until you know his email address. This is the same, as you can't reach a person's house if you don't know his address. Try finding his email address by asking some of your friend and if you have sent him an email before. Search your sent mails folder.

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