How Can I Change My Email Address For, Without Having To Make A New Account?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
You can change your email address by following the simples guidelines. I am giving you a web link which will guide you to all the steps to change your email on
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Go to edit profile and click on account settings and it should be some where under there.
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What do if I forgot my email address and password haven't used in a long time? Need a new one for space .com
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Chips Ters answered

Hello, recently I realized that I need to change my email to another one, I had Thunderbird and I wanted Outlook, I tried for a long time to find a way to transfer data from one mail to another, but nothing worked out for me and I decided to go to Google and try to find a way there and i found this site helped a lot i recommend to pay attention to it if you are looking for a way to change email

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