What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Social Networking Websites Such As Myspace?


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Social networking websites are a great way of keeping in touch with family and friends. You can post blogs, share photos, use instant messaging (Myspace has its own instant messaging service), make comments and add people to your friends list.

Social networking sites allow you to create a profile, where you can share your interests with other users and also, you can make new friends. These type of sites, Myspace in particular, are also used people such as bands or authors to build up friends in order to generate interest in their music and books.

On the downside though, there is also the chance of people's profiles being hacked or identities being stolen. On Myspace, users have the option of setting their profile to private so that only their friends can view it, and on Facebook, visitors must register with the site before they can search for friends.

Another downside is that sites such as Myspace, which allow users to add their own background, are often very slow due to backgrounds taking up a lot of memory. This has led to users' computers crashing every time they got onto a profile which uses up a lot of memory. Also, because these types of sites have millions of users, errors can often occur.
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They allow education and outlets for creativity
They connect people all around the world
They allow socialization and meeting new friends
Its a form of imaginary friendships and lazy people
There is a higher risk of identity theft and fraud
Online predators and stalkers have easy access through these sites
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One Pro is,
It entertains you when you're bored!

One Con is,
It distracts you from your work that is needed to be done.
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Pros wold be communication with distant family and friends. Meet new people, be creative,and be yourself.
Cons would be preditors, younger people who say they're older or visa versa. Identity theft, there is probably a bigger population of obese people then other. Its a way out of going and meeting new people in person. Its a way of hiding who you really are so that people with like you more.
The cons weigh out the pros. I have a myspace but I done have anyone on it that I done know. But there is still the chance of danger. Don't put pictures on there that you don't want the world to see. People get around the "setting you profile to private". So to be safe done put anything on there that can put yourself in danger.
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You talk to your family not in the country and put pics of you growing up and everything plus... IT'S FUN

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