How Does Home Networking Work?


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A home network is easy to be established and maintained. You need to follow some rules. I give you a simple example of connecting two computers first and then we will move forward.

• There must be a LAN Card installed on the two computers.

• You need a cross network cable which will connect two computers through these LAN Cards.

• You must assign private IP address in the TCP/IP properties. Most frequently used private IP address are; and second

• In this example if we make it a workgroup network, the first computer would have IP and the second would have You can now share resources and can access the local drives of the computers.

• It's now up to you that either you want to make this network a "Workgroup" or "Domain". On a domain you can implement securities but on a workgroup you can't.

• On a domain there is a Server and its IP address would be or The workstation must have IP addresses like,, and so on.

Now to connect more than two computers, you need a Switch. The Server must be connected with this switch through a straight network cable and all other workstations must also follow the same rule. This way you can connect as many computers as you can in a local area network. If you want to connect computers at different locations then you need to establish Wide Area Network (WAN). You need routers to connect computers at different locations. One another very easy way to connect computers at various locations is that both the computers must have Windows XP installed and internet enabled on it. You can connect remotely by establishing a remote connection any where in the world.

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