What Do You Like And Dislike About The OS On Your Computer At Home Or At Work? Explain Why.


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I use Kubuntu (might as well be Ubuntu, because I've installed Gnome, and use it primarily) at home. I use Windows and Mac OSX, and many varieties of linux at work.

  • The ability to fully customize my firewall
  • The ability to get in the guts of the system, and tweak it to my hearts content
  • The ammount of free software out there for it
  • The inner workings of the system are not as easy for users to understand
  • 3 words: "make && make install" (I prefer this method, but it's not for everybody)
  • Their GUI needs some work


  • A HUGE library of software, easily installable, at your fingertips
  • You don't need to be a super geek to learn it
  • Games play better on it
  • Not free. Not anywhere close to free
  • Virus anybody?
  • Why does it get slow after 6 months of use?  Time to defrag the registry (the registry is memory resident, and when it gets corrupt, it slows the system down bad)
  • The base of the OS has way too much processor and memory overhead
  • Spyware anybody?
Mac OSX:

  • Sleak inviornment
  • Easy to install software
  • Great support
  • has many of the features of linux
  • To get those great features, you got to be willing to "break Mac rules". Actually, they aren't rules, but Apple sure didn't make it easy to get to some of those settings
  • Not as much software as linux and Windows available
  • Big cost factor. If your computer is more than 2 years old, chances are you cannot upgrade to the latest version of the OS.
My pick (of course) is Linux. The other 2 have their merits, and their place. Nobody can do music and video like Mac. Nobody can play games and do spreadsheets like Windows. Nobody can do firewalls and security like Linux.
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Well, i was with chrome os for 7 years, and recently switched to Microsoft  Windows 5 months ago because i needed more flexibility, and i regreted it hugly, mainly because i'm not use to using slow and bloated software. I like fast updates, startup, and simplicity... So i erased and downloaded Linux Mint last week and i love this Operating System.

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