What Would Be The Best Operating System For Laptops?


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I have had many operating systems, and I have to tell you that because of the compatibility with other programmes and with other networking Computers or Laptops you should be using Windows XP Pro (SP3)
You can add any Theme to it, so it would look like vista, XP or a completely new Windows you adapted.  If you don't want Microsoft Windows on your Laptop other than Linux you can use Ubuntu 8,10 which is very reliable but not very compatible with the File system of Windows.

XP is so compatible nowadays and is being supported by every hardware, since its availability is very spread. You should not use Win 95,98, Me or 2000 since they are just too old and wont be supported after few years.
XP is the best possibility for Laptop Users. Its simple to use, completely ripe, has all kind of drivers, and is supported by Hardware manufacturers. Vista is too insecure, not completely riped out and doesnt always offer drivers for the things you need.
WIndows XP will be the perfect mix for home using and office use. I myself use a Dell Latitude D610 with Win XP SP3 and I'm totally happy with it, it runs perfectly fine, and never crashes. It is one of the best OS that I ever installed...
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I'd agree that the Operating System selection is important and depends on the hardware and personal choices.  For most people XP is a good solution, and there are a lot of Linux alternatives.  If you have bought a laptop recently with Vista or Windows 7 then consider googling how to make that OS faster.  There are a lot of youtube videos that demonstrate some simple things you can do to reduce the amount of RAM those two eat up (and Windows 7 does some of these by default).

Windows 2000 and NT may be a bit more secure by default, but someone posted the lack of support and if you are looking to add some devices and install new software then you may want to just get a good Anti-virus instead (like Kaspersky, which is a lot less of a resource hog then Norton).

Just remember, as you tweak different things you affect performance, usability, and security, so be sure you realize the risks and make the decision you are comfortable with.

BTW, I took a Vista machine and put XP on it and have been very happy with the results... But now that some of the resource issues have been corrected and I know more about what I am doing I am going to put Vista back on it and just customize it to suit my needs.  I also have a dual-boot machine with Win XP and Linux that works well and allows me to play with Linux and learn more about it but still have XP to fall back on when I need to.  If you want to learn a new operating system this might be an option.  (Suggest you have a large enough drive or multiple drives to accomplish this)
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Selecting an operating system is purely dependent upon the capacity and strength of the laptop. Normally nowadays you will get a licensed software with the purchase of every new laptops. That software's are pre checked and verified with your machine with no compatibility issues.

Different operating systems have different qualities now it all depend on you what matters you more. Let's suppose if you are an internet creeper then I would suggest you to go for windows XP, because in my opinion this is the best operating system for internet browsing. Secondly if you want to be much more secure then go for windows 2003 professional along with the service pack 3. The system will be secure a lot and will also have less viruses then any other windows operating system.

If you are very much aware with Linux and its utilities then you can also get it installed on your machine. This is the most reliable operating system I have ever seen which very little chances for the viruses.
Besides this please also install a good antivirus on your system like Norton Symantec Antivirus of McAfee antivirus or so on.
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Wow, you just don't know what you are talking about! Windows 2003 in a laptop? Ah ah ah ah!
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Basically operating is depending on laptop hardware configuration. But windows xp is the best operating system for any type of laptop. Windows xp has no more hardware requirement.this is install on basic hardware configuring.
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Operating systems are the soul for the laptops or desktop computers. You can install any type of operating system on your laptop, which you like or, which is handy for you. You must install operating system, in which you find convenience for you, which have good security and don't irritate you, so that operating system will be best for you and for your laptop. You must install operating system which is much more user friendly.

I will say that windows XP is best operating system for both, the desktop pc and also for the laptops, it has much more features and don't take that much space on your hard drive.
It also have very good interface which entertain user. I recommend windows XP because mostly it doesn't need drivers, especially for flash drives and many other devices.
But one more thing, which is important according to the networking point of view that, if the laptop is used for the networking purpose then you can install windows 2000 or Windows NT on your laptop, which have much more security then any other operating systems and your network will be safe.

But mostly laptop is used for general and office purpose. So for networking desktop pc is recommended because mostly networks are made at one place. Also on desktop pc for networking purpose you can install windows 2000 or NT.
Any how for general purpose, windows XP is best for any pc either laptop of desktop pc.
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Operating system (OS) is known to be a soul of computer. There is no specific Operating system that is only meant for Laptops. One can install any type of operating system in their laptop. Different operating systems have different qualities some are good for security purposes and some are very user friendly. So it all depends upon you that what OS you want for your laptop. One can go for WINDOWS XP (ever green and reliable), Linux, Vista and so on. VISTA operating system doesn't support all programs. For normal use, windows XP is best for any pc either laptop or desktop. It is user friendly and also support all soft-wares.
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Microsoft Windows OS  would be best for any laptop or computer. The most important thing is  - OS is depends on the configuration of laptop and computer. According to me you should go with windows 7, and you can install windows XP with normal configuration it does not need any high configuration.

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Operating System Depend on the Specification of the Laptop.

Windows XP Professional SP 2(Minimum Above 1.5 Centrino, 512 MB RAM (recomended Min 256MB) 40 GB Hard Drive.

Now A Days Dual Core and Core 2 Duo are the Performance system for the XP Professional.

For Windows Vista Minimum (Core 2 Duo or Centrino Duo Processor) Min 2 MB Processor Cache, 4 MB Cache is recommended, Minimum 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB Recommended, Approved Graphic card which is listed on the Site.

If you have any further question feel free to reply this post I will do best to reply.
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hi tajdar,
I have bought a Dell inspiron1525 laptop recently. It has Vista home premium OEM OS with Core 2 Duo and 3 GB Ram. But the image resolution over the web browser is not very clear. It shows in less clarity. What should i do to rectify this problem.

Dhana J, India
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Windows Vista has relatively high system requirements compared to its Windows XP and other operating systems. It is because of this that many individuals and businesses continue to use the older Windows XP.
The two most common versions of Windows are Windows XP and Windows Vista. Vista, although it has some issues, does have some new features such as search-as-you-type search and a 3D-accelerated desktop, features up until now only found in Mac OS X and some versions of Linux.
With the introduction of Virtual-machine software, Windows has become a popular add-on for Mac and Linux in order allow those computers to support Windows-only software or hardware when needed.
However, Windows 7 has become popular among all group of users.
Therefore the choice of the operating system may correspond to the need and use of the users.

For further information on operating system you can also visit the following link

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