What Are The Uses Of Operating System?


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The main use of an operating system is to ensure that a computer can be used and do exactly what the user wants it to, the commands that are given by the user need to be understood by the operating system that is in place do the computer or device can act accordingly. The ability to have one single operating system makes everything much easier as there don't have to be too many different processes for the technology to do what it is told.

Problems can be avoided and taken care of as quickly as possible with an operating system as it can control everything. It is simple, if there wasn't an operating system in place with all different types of technology, and then they would not work as they are supposed to and therefore technology would not have advanced as much as it currently has.

All you need to know is that the necessity of having an operating system is very important and you would not be able to have the technology working as you wanted it to without the system in place. Resources and documents are also taken care of by the system so there are going to be no problems when it comes to keep important documents and using them when you need to. You can keep many different resources and be sure that the operating system will ensure that they are not going to be removed by the device unless you tell it to.

With an operating system you can be in complete control without any worries of the technology failing you. Without and operating system all of the computers and devices that we have would not be as resourceful or as reliable as they currently are in today's society.
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*operating system exist because they are a reasonable way to solve the problem of creating a usable computing system.
**the common functions of controlling and allocating resources are then brought together into one piece of software --operating system--
****the operating system speaks users language on one hand and machine language on the other hand.It takes instruction in the form of commands from user and translate into machine understandable instructions, these instructions executed by the CPU and translates the result back into user-understandable form.
*****it manages all the resources of computer or we can say.... We use operating system to manage all the resources of computer.
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Uses of operating system
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An operating system is a software that gives instructions to a computer following the commands given by the user.

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