What are the benefits of using a framework in PHP? Would this be a helpful shortcut you'd recommend to a novice?


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Adam Groom , php developer, answered

All applications have things in common, so rather than each developer re-inventing the wheel, a framework can be used.
Frameworks are often open source, so if the framework doesn't meet all your requirements, you can build them yourself and submit your changes, if they are good enough they will become part of the framework so others can benefit from your work.
If however the framework meets all your requirements, you can quickly build an app by just learning how to configure it.
I would recommend frameworks to novices, but don't be scared to look at the source code, frameworks often make use of design patterns, and follow best practices and are therefore a good example of how to code. Although it maybe easier to rely on active record database abstraction, and other plug and play modules, if you don't learn to roll your own, you will eventually run into problems that you won't know how to fix.

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If you use a Framework, you wont be touching code on the importants functions of the theme when you just want to do some visual change.

The framework im using and im happy with is Genesis Framework.

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Rahul Singh answered

PHP is Server Side Scripting Language, which is perfect with all known operating systems like Windows, Linux, and others.

PHP frameworks have their own particular troubleshooting methodologies.

• Using frameworks drastically reduces the time of the project as complex codes need not be composed.

• Frameworks like Codeigniter, Cake PHP, Zend, etc. Support  practically all database  connections like SQL, My SQL, Oracle, and ODBC.

• These superlative PHP frameworks follow MVC (Model View Controller) architecture  which is an incredible mix of database application (model), HTML coding (view) and input/ output instructions (controller). As MVC pattern is used, the code gets optimized hence will run  quicker.

• The Same code can be utilized in various projects with some modification. Hence recycling the code is one of the most important features given by the PHP frameworks.

• These frameworks have inbuilt Core Library, hence coding gets lighter as compared to the traditional  method for PHP coding.

• It will make users’ code lightweight, sharp, and secure.

• They have several creative functions that are set up to have an edge in coding.

To summarize, it is efficient, secure, and cost-effective. At the same time, frameworks usually comes with documentation, a support team, or big community forums where a user can obtain quick answers.

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