Is FrostWire good?


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Fernando Bonilla Profile
In non-technical language, it is a file sharing network where you can share files and download files in a reliable and fast manner. Yes, you can download files, which means, you can use frost wire to download any files but whether you should download it or share it on frost wire depends entirely on you and on the copyrights on the shared file.
crissie mcemoyle Profile
Not as good as limewire, but the trick is when you search a song most of the time the song wont come up it will be the album name and you have to download the entire album. And instead of being able to drag and drob songs you have to go to itunes once it's done downloading you have to got to itunes click file add file to librabry frost wire saved then find the album or song name.
Jonathon Damm Profile
Jonathon Damm answered
But cant they both give you viruses?
Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Waaay better than limewire lately
chance hardeman Profile
chance hardeman answered
I use it its better than anything else. They made an app for it so its good for saving hundreds of dollars. Sorry if im answering all of your questions
John Doe Profile
John Doe answered
A buddy of mine loves it. I used it for a bit. But i personally would much rather go spend the money on what ever it is your downloading.

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