How Can I Find Functions Operating System?


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An operating system performs various tasks. Its first task is to do process management. An instance of a program running in a computer is called process management. Different various tasks can be executed at the same time. The operating system handles all the process and enables you to receive error less out put. I/O operations help a user to put in data and receive processed data from the computer. The operating system plans allocation of the Input/Output device. Operating system also does file management. You can perform various task related to files in the computer. You can create, copy, paste, rename it and close with the help of Operating System. The operating system handles the memory as well. It keeps a track of memory that is in use and also of that is free. The OS system stabilizes the memory, in order to make full use of that memory.

You can learn more about operating systems in any books providing fundamentals of computer.

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