What Are The Advantages Of A Single User Operating System?


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How does the operating system respond to a fault such as divide by zero in kernal mode and user mode?
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I don't think there are any; maybe convenience, but only initially. In multi user, if a user has limited access to system files (or none at all like in *nix based OS) then when something bad happens as a result of user behavior, really the only thing that will get trashed is that user's account.
With single user (you see this happen all the time in windows) where the user that logs in regularly is also an admin, when their account gets hosed so does the box itself. Newer Windows is a little better than dos based, but not much I don't think. I set up somebody as a limited user; they NEVER logged in as an admin (didn't have access) on XP, and they were back in a couple months with viruses. I've since moved them over to linux. Other than a hardware issue (set up a new printer I think it was) I haven't heard from them in a couple years.

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