Why Do We Need Operating Systems?


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  • What is the importance of an operating system?

An operating system basically runs your whole computer, so without one you could do very little. You need an operating system to tell your computer what to do and communicate with it.

  • What is an operating system?

An operating system is a type of software that is a combination of data and programs that manages your whole computer. It is the link between the hardware and the software and ensure the different aspects of the computer work well together and can run together.

  • Examples of how we use an operating system in daily use

An operating system acts as the middle man between your hardware and your software. If you are typing on a keyboard for example, which is external hardware, it is your operating system that is making sure the words appear on the screen and then the document, which is software, and is saved to the hard drive, which is hardware again. You will then use your mouse  to search through your document and retrieve any work you wish to edit or re-read.

  • Popular examples of operating systems

There are five main operating systems that we use today. The main one is Microsoft Windows but Android, iOS, Linux and Mac OS X are becoming increasingly popular. Microsoft Windows is what the majority of people will have on their home PCs and laptops. It is what most people are familiar with and it is user friendly.

Mac OS X is used on Apple computers and is regarded very highly although it can be fiddly for people using it for the first time. Android is used in mobile phones other than the iPhone and Linux is known to be extremely fast and runs the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world.
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We need operating system to make interface between user, hardware and software. It is also needed to make interaction between those three component of a PC.
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We need operating system because "without any operating system we cannot use and hardware".
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An operating system lets you have a interface with the computer. Mainly we use things like windows which is a GUI = graphical user interface, this lets us see things with more graphic.

If you use CMD then it lets you see another type of operating system thats not as graphical but does the same thing. But graphical solutions are way more popular
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Operating System is a Middleware which connects Hardware and Software. :-). Hope it is simple to understand!
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Operating system is a software that is responsible forĀ  managment of the system resources. OS is intermenediate between the user and the machine. Without any OS we can't use and hardware.
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Windows operating system is an application which have provide a
graphical interface between user and hardware. Operating system have
produced graphical user interface that lets you know and divide your
display in many windows. In every windows operating system, can run
different kinds of programs and software.

Windows operating system acts as a host for applications that are run
on the computer. Operating system is to handle the details of the
operation of the hardware. Windows operating system are very usable
in multitasking environment. Windows allow you work many programs at
once time.
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Os is the basis of all your running apps. Just like there must be a house then you can live in it.

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