How Do I Remove All Operating Systems From My Dell Laptop?


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Getting a backup of all your required files must be your primary concern before formatting your hard drive and removing the operating system. You can take a backup of your data using your CD writer, USB Pen drive or hard drive or Network drive. Now note down all configuration which are required after reinstallation of the Operating system.

Removing of the operating system requires bootable operating system CD. Now reboot your Laptop and press DEL button at startup. It will open bios setup where you have to make a change where the first boot option is from CD-Rom and then the hard disk. Save this change to setup and reboot machine again and insert the bootable CD in CD-ROM/writer. As you proceed through the auto booting process you will find a step in which it will ask you exactly where you want to install new operating system or want fresh installation.

Now you have chose format drive for fresh installation of operating system. This will remove all old installations and operating system from your hard drive and allow you to install fresh installation on your Dell laptop. If Dell has provided restore or operating system CD to you then please use that CD with the instruction provided so that you can avail of there tech support if required.
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My computer not allow do like this . I've win 7 now I tried to install xp and even ubuntu but it said that itš impossible to instal it

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