How To Unlock The System Or Administrator Password On My Laptop? I Cant Even Go Into Safe Mode,setup Mode Or The Boot Up Menu It Just Says The Computer System Is Protected By A Password Authentication System


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I had a problem like this too, luckily there is one fatal flaw in that security method thats never been fixed, the password is stored in the cmos memory so heres what you need to do:

Unplug the laptop and remove the battery

now to get the screwdrivers out, start stripping the laptop until you see a small lithium cell battery

disconnect the battery, some are connected by wires, some clip into a holder on the mainboard, either way disconnect it and wait a few mins

disconnecting all the power sources means the cmos memory has had no power and has dumped all of its data, when powered back up it will reset to factory settings with no password required

reassemble the laptop and enjoy

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