How safe is Google Chrome browser? I used it for about week or more and it caused me problems with spyware, malware and even got a virus. I do have virus protection on my laptop; it's Windows 7 and it's an Acer. The virus protection is AVG.


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Well I use Google Chrome on the computers at my school all the time and it has caused no problems there. I also use it at home and it has not caused me any malware or viruses.

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I've not had any problem like that from Chrome. You will pick up things if you download from there but AVG will generally warn you to not do it. The free version of AVG is better rated and does a better job. I suggest you download this for total safety : Just get the free edition and scan with that every other day. If your AVG was doing it's job properly, none of that would have gotten through. Download Malwarebytes. It's passive and only runs when you scan with it. Just watch what you get into with Chrome, otherwise, it's one of the safest out there . Never had any of those problems with it and I've been using it for years.

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Chrome is pretty top notch. You must be doing extremely bad things to get infected lol...

Google had 2 million dollars up for grabs to anyone who could hack their browser and no one has claimed it yet.

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The browser itself is definitely safe and clean. What makes you get malware is your online behaviors. Perhaps AVG failed to block some malicious program getting into your computer.

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