My homepage and start up page is hijacked by a website. Now, my Firefox got the problem of as well. I run my virus protection, but it picked up nothing of the virus. How do I get rid of this stuff off my browser? Really appreciated!


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Erica York answered

In most cases,  this kind of tricky hijacker can not be detected by Anti-virus software that easily. You'd better reset the browser to erase all the traces left by this virus and reset the homepage as well, just in case the default page would be hijacked again. And you should also remove the registry entries of this virus completely, but i suggest you to follow some professional guidance while doing the removal. Cuz to delete registry files is kind of risky.

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deanna crane answered

Hi, friends. Don’t worry about nasty virus. If the infectious web browser is the Internet Explorer, you need go to Tools->Internet->Explorer
to remove the virus page there. 

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zoe kim answered

Some security programs cannot deal with this problem. you need to reset your homepage and search engine. Click on FF button and select Options> options. Select General tab and reset a new homepage for FF. Click search engines image beside address bar and reset another search engine.

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Dave Samon answered

What site you've been got to? For most of time, hijackers makes lots of changes to the browser, system, etc. So you have to change them all back. I get caught by key-find once, clean host files, cookies & cache, extensions, all these stuffs. Have no idea what works really, but it is really gone after that.

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Darik Majoren answered

So, in Internet Explorer I have seen websites, configure the "Connections" part to use a proxy server.

Meaning, every time you surf the web, you would be doing THROUGH the "bad Guys" server and they would capture information to and from the site you want to go to.

Here is where that is in Firefox:

Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - Connection/Settings

Set it back to "Use system proxy settings" if this is altered.

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