What web browser do you recommend, lately Firefox has been so slow. I've got good high Internet speed, my computer is free from all spyware and viruses, and I run Windows 7 PC laptop?


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Firefox is a good browser and the best of the three good ones for Windows. However, for speed and easiness of use, you might give Google Chrome a try. I like it just fine. There's always IE 11, but it's not too quick either. Give Chrome a try, you might just like it.

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I use Firefox as my main browser but I do agree, it can be slow at times. 

Obviously if there is a problem with your computer, then that will make a difference to your browser's speed too, but if you are sure that all is well, then it looks as though a change is what is needed... 

Or at least once you change browsers, you will know for sure whether it was Firefox that was causing the problem!

I would choose Google Chrome. It is fast and reliable, plus it has the 'Okay google' feature enabling you to use your voice if you are too busy to type. 

It's a popular browser and the search feature is second to none. You can download Google Chrome from https://www.google.co.uk/chrome/browser/features.html

An alternative is Safari. 

Yes I know it's an Apple product. but there is a Windows version and it is rather good to be honest. If you are interested in Safari you can download it from http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1531

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Google Chrome

Never had problems

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Like a couple of people have already mentioned, Google Chrome is worth trying out.

I use a mix of Chrome, Firefox and Safari - but I have to admit that Chrome is the simplest to use, crashes the least, and also seems to have the widest range of browser extensions.

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Cyber Tooth Tiger
Yes my computer is well maintained good, with virus protection, clean the cache, history ..i even got good high speed from Comcast but it just seems these browsers some aren't as good..I know Firefox can be slow at times with speed like it takes least 20-30 seconds to upload on this one big site I go on
Yo Kass
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I hear ya. Most of them time I find it's the number of ads on a page and high res images that have the largest impact on page load times...
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Your Firefox will work faster if you follow the following steps. First of all update it.  Then disable irrelevant plug-ins and add-ons for it.  Disable Shockwave flash in it.  Remove temporary files from your laptop.  Restart your laptop.

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